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We help to

Standardize Your School for
Endless Future

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Adequate training for Management,
Teachers, Students & Parents

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Provide ESO standardization
certificates for schools.

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AISER - An Academy
of excellence

AISER Is a standard Organization to institutionalize the schools, executing universal institutionalization frameworks, techniques and Trainings for Management, Teachers, Students,Parents,more over forms quality Infrastructure with protected and lovely environment. AISER advances ESO (Educational Standard Organization) to manage and give institutionalization certificates to schools.


Quality trainers across all verticals-from Education industry to Service sector

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Quality Infrastructure with safe and pleasant surroundings.

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ESO provides awards and rewards for whole

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Improve your
English Language.

Test and Improve your English language skills in as little as 10 minutes. You'll get your current level according to the ESO (Educational Standard Organization). Developed exclusively by Aiser eyeing in your English Language Knowledge, Spoken English Skill, Gramerical improvements, and fear

There’s no time limit, so take your time. You’ll get your results as soon as you’ve finished the test.


Train yourself
for a better future.

Aiser gives you the Best training in English with a wide variety of courses and type of training which improved and improved by years of experience in this field. Spoken en From kids to the professionals Using English in there


Smart Kids

Destination Orientation Training programmes (SDOT) to Tune, Turn, and Tackle for Time Task and Talent, with dreaming, nurturing, enlightening, empowering and enriching the children

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Smart Parents

Master in parenting have a vital role in moulding the child especially like the mother of Thomas Edison, being a string of the same orbit, they should have such a vision and wisdom to guide their child.

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AExplains how things are done in a specific way. It is the route to do everything in a professional style.

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Be a Franchise for Aiser

Join our venture
As franchaise

AISER is now offering business opportunity in the form of franchise in many locations across India. The full impact of AISER’s experience and business acumen can be garnered for your progress. You can become a AISER franchise holder in your town if you are interested in a business that accrues both, profits and satisfaction. Apply Now

Job Assist

We Assist you to
shape your future

Aiser campus offering job assistance to all sort of candidate who looking for a job. We have been connected with top-level companies to offer you your dream jobs with the high level of skills and earnings. Then why you are waiting? just register to shape your future...

Aiser Job Assist